As the Silk Screen Asian Film Festival is only around the corner in a few weeks, some related events have tickets available for purchase now.  One event which is only coming up in a few days on September 5th is the Silk Screen Preview Party, which will be held this year at the Millvale Grist House Craft Brewery.  The party will feature the Mac and Gold food truck and craft beer available at the cash bar as the festival shows off some of the trailers for the upcoming films that will be shown during the festival.  Cost is $25 per person, and the event runs from 5 to 8 PM. Tickets are available here:

After last year’s highly acclaimed Red Carpet Gala at the Fairmont Hotel, people who missed it can get tickets to this year’s gala, which will be held on September 21st from 6 to 10PM.  Tickets are $85.00 and include ethnic food, a cultural performance showcasing music and dance from the Silk Road region the festival covers, and a silent auction.  Ethnic dress is encouraged, and you can get your tickets here to hobnob before the films kick off with opening night the next day.

Details on the festival films are here:

Two of the films I did screen in committee and can personally recommend are “Toys and Pets,” which is a “Toy Story” style Chinese film that went by a different name “Tea Pets” before, and “Mori: The Artist’s Habitat,” which is a very strange film. You can catch the trailers here:


A couple of honorable mentions that you should check out even though we didn’t get them for the festival is “Anarchist from the Colony,” a film about Koreans living in Japan during the colonial period, and the film adaptation of popular Filipino play “Ang Larawan.”


If you can find somewhere to watch those, be sure not to miss them!