My list of speaking engagements and sales events continues with the Furries coming to Pittsburgh. Anthrocon runs from July 5th-8th, 2018. This year’s theme is “Movie Monsters,” and I’ll be speaking on Godzilla as well as participating on a panel giving tips on how to create effective animal characters in the horror genre. I’ll also be in Artist Alley all three days selling my artwork on fans and at least one special paper parasol this year, as well as selling my books featuring magical animals. Details on the event can be found here:


Detail of the parasol I’ll be selling at Anthrocon 2018

Then Confluence returns to Pittsburgh July 27th through the 29th. I’ll be in the dealer’s room for the weekend with a few presentations on Saturday. One of those will be my joint book launch with Larry Ivkovich on Saturday at 5PM.

Confluence 2018 Book Launch Announcement

I will also be on a panel discussing modern technology’s affect on drama as well as a solo backlist book reading earlier on Saturday. The event has lots of other things going on:

In August, I will return to Artist Alley at Steel City Con, August 10-12, 2018.

I’m still working on my late summer-early fall schedule, so more details will be forthcoming about that in a few months.

Hope to see you there!